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This is a place to give you a picture of a development you want to go for. It'll center around front-end topics while covering other relevant subjects.

The idea of this blog originated when Chat GPT came out. Once you get a picture about a specific development, you can dig deeper by leveraging Chat GPT to ask about details that expand upon your existing understanding. However, if you're starting from scratch without any picture, you may be unsure of even what to ask.

As the founder of this blog, I envision creating a thriving developer community, where individuals can learn and grow together.

Changdae Park

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Hey there! I'm Changdae, a front-end developer who's always thinking about ways to make your everyday life better with web services.

As a developer, my focus lies in expandability and maintainability rather than just making any faster. I've noticed that this mirrors my natural tendency to organize and design things in a way that allows for easy additions, removals, and reordering. This tendency has developed from the times when I spent much more time on things, realizing that efficient design could save valuable time and energy.

This mindset led me to care about the development experience as much as the user experience. After all, you and your colleagues are the first to experience the services you build. It's hard to imagine achieving optimal outcomes with all the struggles in unproductive development and endless testing.

That's why I'm a big fan of tools like React, TypeScript, SASS, and Docker, as they greatly enhance the development experience with their flexibility. I'm grateful for these remarkable open-source projects and the ingenious workarounds that have overcome their limitations. To contribute further, I actively engage on platforms like Stack Overflow and GitHub, where I share my knowledge and learn from the vibrant developer community.

So, this is the beginning and essence of my front-end development journey. It started with what meets the eye but has now evolved to focus on the underlying foundations. While encountering these never-ending challenges along the way can be quite a headache, the satisfaction of problem-solving is addictive enough that I can proceed.


Design an application with consideration of some browser policies and limitations in specific operating systems

  • SameSite cookie policy since Chrome 80.
  • Different policy for web storage that is supposed to be persistent by spec on iOS.
  • The limitation of URI schemes which proposes using universal/app links.

Build a type-safe application by maximizing TypeScript features

  • Minimize repetitive codes by designing custom utility types.
  • Minimize the number of interfaces by using union/intersection, function overloading and augmentation.
  • Handle limitations in TypeScript by workarounds for them.

Design states in a React application with consideration of service expansion

  • Improve rendering performance by setting each state within its optimal scope.
  • Unify codes across server-side and client-side by using a global state management library with built-in support for hydration.
  • Ensure state-related code blocks function same even with changes from service expansion by modularizing them in advance.
  • Optimize API calls by using react-query while being aware of the chance of self-DDoS from retries on failed requests.

Build maintainable UI

  • Design style rules to be extensible by using CSS variables.
  • Design style rules to be reusable and minimal by using the at-rules and the nesting of SASS.
  • Maintain consistent styling for a specific part of the DOM by using component-scoped styles.

Manage server-level basic infra

  • Minimize access permission configuration for communication between servers by setting a reverse proxy server.
  • Flexibly cope with changes in file locations on a web server by using Docker mount.
  • Extract logs and perform data manipulation like filtering, dedup, sorting by making the most of Bash features.


Frontend developer and platform manager
2020.11 - Current


I'm available for front-end development opportunities and collaborations😉. Feel free to email me.